Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ANGELS IN AMERICA Thoughts -- Press Agent Chris Boneau

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"The iconic photo of the Angel appearing for the first time in Prior’s bedroom was taken by Joan Marcus on a Saturday morning just as previews were beginning. Tensions were high and we literally had 90 minutes to take way too many photos. The LAST photo of the morning was the Angel shot. The stage crew literally propped Ellen McLaughlin up from behind on top of the headboard of the bed (because we didn’t have time to rig her and fly her in). We and Joan had five minutes. We were manic. Would we get the shot? Would we run out of time? Would Ellen be able to stand up on the bed with the weight of the wings? Today, when you think of Angels in America, one specific photograph comes to mind: The incredibly gorgeous, beautifully theatrical and now iconic photo that represents the show. And it was taken in five minutes."
–Chris Boneau, Press Representative

Chris Boneau, of Boneau/Bryan-Brown, was the press agent on the Broadway production of Angels in America

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