Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ANGELS IN AMERICA Thoughts -- Graduate Student Harris

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"I became infected with Angels in America.

'My heart is pumping polluted blood. I feel dirty.'

Like an addict looking for a fix, i devoured Tony Kushner's words, underlining them, researching their symbolism, deriving meaning... feeding my soul.

'Dance with me.'

I first came across Angels in 2004... I was in a very different place in life... a lot more naive. It seems that seeds were planted then, and when i decided to read the play this year... I was hooked. BAD.

'Thaddeus, real love isn't ever ambivalent.'

Now, as a poz gay men in his late twenties, I was able to relate to Prior much more. My Atripla induced dreams became drenched with beautiful visions of the angels, mythological fantasies... themes that seeped into my subconsciousness... I LOVED IT.

When i saw that Signature Theater is putting on Angels in America, and that Milton Glaser designed the poster again, I smiled. I can't wait to be in the presence of such divine literature."


Harris is a "29-yr-old-refugee-gay-HIV positive-recent-transplant to NYC"

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