Thursday, August 26, 2010

ANGELS IN AMERICA Thoughts -- Student Alexander Cavaluzzo

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"I first read Angels in America in 2005 when I was sixteen. At the time, I was a junior at a Catholic high school that has amongst its notable alumni the incendiary Fox News correspondent Bill O'Reilly. Obviously, as a queer Marxist, I was not in my element. Day in and day out I was immersed in reactionary, fundamentalist thought that I highly opposed. One day, in Barnes and Noble, I was in search for something that would counter the drivel I was hearing at school; I was familiar with Tony Kushner's work only through commercials for the 2003 mini-series, but I was aware it was a play that dealt with, among many other things, queer issues.

When I bought the last copy in the store, I read it in about a day. Words cannot describe the joy I felt. I cannot count how many times I've read and re-read the play, nor how many times I've watched and re-watched the mini-series. I've read extensive criticism of the play, purchased two playbills from the original Broadway production, watched a recording of the Broadway production of Millennium Approaches & Perestroika at the Lincoln Center Library, and, last year I got Milton Glaser's logo for the play tattooed on my right wrist (photo above).

I've have been desperately waiting my chance to see a live production of this fabulous piece of epic drama, and thanks to the Signature Theatre Company, I'll have that chance this fall."
-Alexander Cavaluzzo

Alexander Cavaluzzo is a 21-year old student and writing tutor

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