Monday, August 17, 2009

Photos: In Rehearsal with Orphans' Home Cycle

The Rehearsal Room

Rehearsing three plays at once is no easy feat, so the cast and crew of Orphans' Home Cycle are hard at work in Hartford getting ready for performances at Hartford Stage beginning September 3rd and Signature Theatre beginning November 5th. Below are some pictures of the team at work.

All photos by Gregory Costanzo.

Maggie Lacey (Elizabeth Robedaux, Inez Thornton) and Director Michael Wilson

Bill Heck (Horace Robedaux)

Michael Wilson and Hallie Foote (Mrs. Vaughn, Mrs. Robedaux, Asa Vaughn, Lola Reeves)

Stephen Plunkett (Terrance Robedaux, Will Kidder, Archie Hall, Steve Tyler)

Pamela Payton-Wright (Ruth Amos, Sarah Vaughn, Aunt Inez, Mrs. Coons)

Stage Manager Cole Bonenberger

Devon Abner (John Howard, Pete Davenport, Roger Culpepper, Bobby Pate)

Bill Heck and Stephen Plunkett

Michael Wilson, Hallie Foote and Hartford Stage Dramaturg Chris Baker

Pamela Payton-Wright and Virgina Kull (Corella Robedaux, Claire Ratliff, Bessie Stillman, Minnie Curtis)

Michael Wilson and Bill Heck

Bryce Pinkham (Pete Davenport, Felix Barclay, Brother Vaughn)

Jasmine Harrison (Gertrude)

Maggie Lacey, Bill Heck, Pamela Payton-Wright and Virginia Kull

Stephen Plunkett, Bryce Pinkham, James DeMarse (Saul Gautier, Mr. Vaughn) and Justin Fuller (Albert Thornton, Ed Corday, Dr. Green, Gordon Kirby)

Bill Heck

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Jeanne said...

It looks like my comment is #1. It's such fun to see everyone at work. I just hope I shall be able to see the play in NYC. Good luck to all, especially my grandson, Bill.

Jeanne Heck