Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Video Interviews with Bill Heck, Maggie Lacey and Hallie Foote

Portraying characters in The Orphans' Home Cycle based on playwright Horton Foote's parents is no easy feat -- just ask actors Bill Heck and Maggie Lacey! Lacey is playing a part originated on stage and film by Hallie Foote, Horton's daughter, who herself is playing a character inspired by her own grandmother. What a complicated family tree!

Check out actors Bill Heck, Maggie Lacey and Hallie Foote talking about Horton and the mammoth Orphans' Home Cycle.

Bill Heck:

Maggie Lacey:


Hallie Foote:

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Ryan said...

I've seen Bill Heck in a number of actor ever. Looking forward to seeing more of his brilliant work in this production!