Thursday, October 14, 2010

ANGELS IN AMERICA Thoughts -- Actor Zachary Quinto

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Photo by Joan Marcus

"...Angels in America.


Tony Kushner gave voice to a movement. a movement of human beings who were unwilling to let themselves - or each other - off the hook. who - in the face of tremendous adversity and horrific decimation - asked questions of courage and took action that elevated them - and all of us who came after them - to another experience of life. a deeper level of acceptance and understanding.

humanity is honored by these plays. he has both captured and created a momentum in these works that is unmistakable and timelessly provocative. he manages to weave the quiet grace of an intimate moment into the terrific power of celestial movement. technically and creatively the plays demand profound momentum and stamina. it is nothing short of an epic journey.

and now here we are - twenty years after the creation of these plays - bringing them back to the city where it all began. in a world more advanced - but no less fractured - we once again turn to ourselves and to each other with the same questions. maybe now they are framed in a different context. but at their core they ask us to - "look up, look up, prepare the way..." because i believe there are forces much larger than all of us at work in these plays. intangible forces that are occasionally harnessed at times of great need. Tony wrote these plays at such a time. he has taken that need and given it inspired and graceful language. and i am deeply humbled to be a part of this ensemble - bringing his language to life at this specific moment.


–Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto plays Louis Ironson in Signature Theatre Company's production of Angels in America


Tiff said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

I like how the play spotlights change. Seeing how each character starts out, then watching as each changes according to their experience and contact with the other characters. Not one is the same by the play's end. If only the world could change for the better in acknowledgement of its experiences.

kannbrown said...

Beautiful words, all of them, and fitting for what I had read, and watched. I can only wait, impatiently, to see this rendition myself, in person.

Nobody said...

First... and I am looking forward to seeing this come Feb. even more so now. These words were very persuading. I'm sure this will be a wonderful show.