Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Originally Posted by Adam Wright, Production Intern, December 13, 2007

Adam Wright is a student at UNC Chapel Hill who spent the fall working with Signature Theatre Company as the Production Intern. Upon completing his internship he sent out an email to the entire staff of Signature to share with us his thanks for the experience he had here as an intern:

Dear Friends,

As I will soon be working on my honors thesis in creative writing, Signature's mission to allow a single playwright to hone and shape an entire season was of particular inspiration to me. As a result, once I knew I would be coming to NYC this semester, I immediately let my professor know that I wanted my internship to be with this company. Thankfully, I am so proud to say that my experience here has been everything I hoped it would be. Jim, your energy and commitment to this company shines through every individual and project here, and I am so thankful to have worked in an environment driven by your ongoing commitment to honor the written word. Knowing little about the production world beforehand, it was such a treat to start my first week as Queens Blvd. was in the midst of wrapping up pre-production talks and to end my final weeks here celebrating at our opening night part - it was pleasure working on the entire process of this show, and as result, I have learned so much more than I would ever have expected. Thanks to you all, especially to Paul, who I find to be one of the committed and selfless men I've had the pleasure to work with.

Look for a postcard from me this summer - I found out today I received a $6,500 grant from UNC to study the art of storytelling across the UK! So, appropriately, here's to you all who work so hard to shape the experience of so many individual storytellers year-round. The end of something is always the beginning of another...


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