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Originally Posted by Marianne Miller, Company Management Intern, December 6, 2007

After an epic preview period that left actors, designers, staff, and crew somewhat exhausted, the long tweaking period Queens Boulevard had to endure was well worth the time!

The staff worked all day on Monday to prepare for the Opening Night. Our Development Department prepared the list of guests. Sara Danielsen and I gathered the opening night gifts (#7 line key chains-very Queens, really) and the flowers for the actors, bathrooms, and lobby. All fell well into place as "Happy Opening!" was the resounding note in the office. We prepared a big show for a big night!

Meanwhile, actors prepared for their ninth (!!!) performance of the week. Not a single actor looked down or tired, however, upon entering the theatre. The members of the large and very diverse cast were all smiles as they prepared for the celebration of their hard work. There was a tangible sense of eagerness, nervousness, and excitement that I enjoyed sharing. Loads of gifts came in for each actor, and I happily placed them backstage. In the midst of the holiday season, I couldn't help but draw the festive parallels.

An entire list of VIPs poured into the theatre, packing the house and adding loads of energy to the performance. The men and women made their entrances, and the entire theatre lit up! The transformation was fantastic, and I was so enthralled, I stood at the top of the stairs for over half the show. Delighted by the changes Chuck, Davis, the designers, and the cast had made throughout the process, I was drawn in to see what new aspects of the show appeared. This performance was certainly different from that which I had experienced during tech rehearsals!

The company enjoyed a smooth performance, followed by recognition of top VIPs present, including (but not limited to) Lee Blessing, Romulus Linney, Luis Castro, Charles Weldon, Oskar Eustis, Kate Mulgrew and many others. I was absolutely honored to be in their company. A well-attended party followed, and I maneuvered around large groups of congregating people to enjoy the excellent food and company.

Although the process was long, the product was well worth it. The evening was a fantastic success that was well deserved by all who placed their love and energy into the show. To all sharing in the success of Queens Boulevard: Congratulations!

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