Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Orignally Posted Thursday, May 3, 2007

After the matinee performance on April 14th, Signature Theatre staff, the audience, and the entire cast of King Hedley II participated in an awards ceremony to celebrate the winners of the August Wilson Writing Contest. The winners, all high school students in New York, joined the cast onstage to receive their prizes. With the generous support of sponsors Time Warner and Target, winners took home gift certificates, an iPod, a Bose Sound Dock, passes to the MoMa, and much more.

In addition to the great prizes, winners particularly enjoyed the chance to speak with cast members Lynda Gravatt and Stephen McKinley Henderson over dinner at Starwich. While enjoying spectacular sandwiches and Starwich's signature pomegranate lemonade, winners spoke with Stephen and Lynda about their work in the performing arts.

Lynda shared that she has seen many changes in the New York performing arts scene since she entered it over 50 years ago. The most significant difference that she noted was the lack of opportunity that Broadway shows today have to rehearse outside of New York and work out any kinks in their performances prior to launching on Broadway.

Both cast members compared their experiences in the live performing arts with their work in television and film. The discussion became quite lively when both Lynda and Stephen discussed their recurring roles on the various "Law and Orders". Both play judges and appear frequently on the shows.

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