Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Originally Posted by Drew Moerlein July 5, 2007

Out with the old and in with the new… that works for me. Catchy colors, edgy designs, a youthful flair, and a logo that would take the cake and run with it at any "coolest logo" contest, are taking over Signature's look. I'll come clean, it was not difficult to stroll past the theater without glancing up at the marquee or peering in the windows a few weeks ago, but the new vinyl sign and the freshly painted, matching interior can't help but suck me in. It's bright and vibrant and dare I say, mesmerizing (O.K., a little over-dramatic). But seriously, it is really amazing how cool this new logo is.

What I love about it, is that the doodly, scribbly, messy background (which is actually the "signatures" of all of the playwrights that Signature has had onboard since they began… so cool) makes the neat block letters reading Signature Theatre Company pop out even more. And of course it is not enough to just have the sweetest logo around - it comes in every color combination you could dream up… as long as it's crisp and bright (I like the yellow background with purple lettering, but if another one is your favorite I guess I can accept that… you'll need to present a pretty solid case, though… haha).

Now, when I started at Signature about a month ago, I didn't exactly walk into a newly and perfectly-adorned theatre. It was being stripped of all the old logos and designs as I got on-board, and it was disheveled to the point where I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. But don't fret, the windows are now sparkling with new designs and the paint scheme has fallen into place beautifully. It's weird because it's so empty right now, but, just think, in a week or so, the stage will be crawling with actors and the lobby will be filled with throngs of audience members.

Oh - and the website is awesome, too. Great splash page… the new logo in motion. Signature's making moves in the right direction, and I like it.

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