Thursday, January 17, 2008


Originally Posted by Drew Moerlein August 9, 2007

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy… What a night it was! Rows upon rows of tumblers, brimming with dark burgundy and golden wine, lined up on the bar at the Peter Norton space, all vanishing with startling speed! Subscribers and other patrons smiled, chatted, sipped wine, and made the foyer quite the bustling and merry little gathering place on Wednesday night. As I poured the wine, patrons came up grinning and literally oozing with appreciation for the complimentary wine reception before the show.

It was a large breadth of ages, styles, demeanors, and personalities that strolled up to the bar, but every person seemed eager to meet new theatre-goers and get their drink on before the real treat of the evening got rolling - the second preview of Iphigenia 2.0. One funny thing that happened was when this patron walked up to the bar and said, "Could I have about half as much as that, please?" And I said, "Of course, sir," and began pouring. "Whoa, somebody's done this before!" said the man as he chuckled and took the glass. I said, "I mean not really, mostly just at the dinner table with water or milk, ya know?" "Well tell your parents they raised you right!" he said. And I laughed as I said, "I guess I could tell them that, but you do realize we are talking about my efficiency at pouring booze and thanking my parents for their quality training… haha." O.K. that was a slight tangent, but I had to throw it in to show what a fun and comfortable community Signature surrounds itself with (and to give a little shout-out to my folks). Wow, it is like cheesy story and one-liners day for me!

Anyway, with the conclusion of the reception, the show began and went on without any mishaps, and the cheery faces exited the theatre having been showered with glee, sadness, anger, and a barrage of intensity.

To Subscriber Wine Receptions, I say Drink, Eat, and Be Merry!

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