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Orginally Posted by Chris Fuller, Box Office Manager, November 29, 2007

Peter with his brand new century cycle's

Happy Holidays!

All of you who have been to a show at Signature Theatre must be familiar with our bookstore!?!? We carry a large assortment of plays published by former Playwrights-in-Residence. Most of the plays we sell are either the Sam French acting copy of a script or a compilation of single artist's work and we even sell a couple of the Humana Festival Anthologies that feature our Alumni. We recently sent around our second edition of the Signature E-Newsletter announcing the publication of a box set of August Wilson's Century Cycle. The asking price of the set is a little out of line with the usual fare on the shelves at the Peter Norton Space so we were excited about the potential interest from our audience.

The day after the eblast went out we got a call from Signature patron Peter Bay. He had his sights set on two collections one to be given as a gift and the other for his own library. Peter told us about how he saw eight of the ten century cycle plays last season, three of which he enjoyed at Signature Theatre. The gift of the box set was for a friend who had accompanied him to many of Wilson's shows over the past year. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm generated during the August Wilson season has stayed with people. I think Peter had a great gift idea for Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza or maybe just a selfish indulgence! August Wilson's Century Cycle in a hardbound collector's set. Get one before they are gone!

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