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Originally Posted by Marianne Miller, Company Management Intern, October 11, 2007

Friends, family, loved ones, and Signature fans alike joyously rushed out of the performance of Iphigenia 2.0 on Sunday evening, October 7th, 2007. One observing might assume the rush was for the awaiting Brooklyn Brown, Brooklyn Lager, and Amstel Light in the lobby (and indeed, we had to fight a few guests off until the party officially began). Truly, however, the exuberant rush came from the final exhilarating performance of the first show in the Charles (or Chuck, as we colloquially refer to him) Mee Series at the Signature Theatre Company-Iphigenia 2.0.

As the Company Management Intern, I was absolutely blessed to work next to these actors in their final moments of this process. I shared conversation over a Pret-A-Manger banana nut muffin with Louisa Krause (a favorite pastime of ours) right before she warmed up for the final performance. She was all smiles mixed with a hint of nostalgia for the total process of the show. We talked about what came next for the young actress. She was hopeful for what would follow, and I was reminded that Iphigenia 2.0 is certainly not the last any of us will see of these phenomenally talented people. She then scurried off to put on her ballet shoes-the excitement for the evening had begun!

The house packed in quickly, and the show finished strong with a dynamic standing ovation, complete with daisy throwing by Sara Danielsen and me (I pat myself on the back-no injuries to the cast during this carousing, so to speak). Jim Houghton, Artistic Director, recognized a few very important constituents to the process: the designers and crew were praised profusely, director Tina Landau shyly stood up to welcome applause, the cast beamed at Jim's commendations, and Chuck Mee gave a quiet smile as the seated audience erupted to show their support for this man and the work he has completed thus far on Signature's stage.

Iphigenia 2.0 had, without a doubt, a glorious run. From the beginning stages of casting, designing, and rehearsal to the pizza, salad, and general communion of artists in the lobby after the final show, the entire artistic endeavor stayed true to a genuine execution of Charles Mee's first show of the season. The one-week extension attested to the powerful voice Iphigenia 2.0 had for its audiences.

After all the Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Brown, and Amstel Light had been put away and the lights turned out, the excitement and energy of the artists and their guests lingered. Without a doubt, our season has begun!

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