Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Orignally Posted Thursday, May 31, 2007

Signature Theatre Company has almost as many interns as it has full time staff members! I have been interning here since January, when I moved from Dublin after college. I work in the marketing department and throughout that time I have been involved in an opening night, two closing nights and the annual gala at the Ritz Carlton.

Being an intern is a varied job. One day you could be hanging up the actor's coats at a closing night party and the next day you could be greeting subscribers in the theatre at a backstage event or even taking a phone call from a celebrity who is trying to book tickets to one of our great shows.

Some of Signature's interns are college students gaining extra credit while others, like me, are graduates who wanted to get some hands on experience in a prestigious theatre company. Some of Signature's full time staff even started out as interns here.

Signature has a young, vibrant staff and the interns are made to feel like an important part of that. The weekly staff meeting makes us feel like a vital part of the company as it gives everyone an opportunity to share what they are working on. I would highly recommending spending a few months here as an intern. I have met some great people and learnt so much about the day to day running of an Off Broadway company. It has been a great experience, one worth coming all the way from Ireland for!

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