Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Posted by Marianne Miller, Management Fellow, January 23, 2008

(Subscribers, this one’s for you)

I’ll be honest. Bravo’s top-of-the-line editing skills suck me into every reality competition show they’ve ever done, whether it be about clothes, cooking, or carving soap (not out to market yet, but my faith in Bravo means it’s a possibility).

I was excited when the Signature heard of the newest restaurant on the block: Dave Martin’s (yes ladies and gentlemen, Season 1 of Bravo’s “Top Chef!”) Crave on 42nd (between 11th and 12th). Signature exchanged ideas with Dave and added Crave on 42nd to our subscriber benefits. Subscribers, you can now get 10% off all food purchases (not including the Pre-Fixe menu, but that was also created with you in mind!).

I just had to try it out. Andrew, my boyfriend, and I snuggled down into the comfy couch-like seating in the corner of the restaurant and began quite the whirlwind of a journey. We picked through the world-wide wine list, both settling on a Pinot Noir. Andrew is vegetarian (with vegan-like qualities), and it’s often quite the task to find something on the menu he would enjoy to eat. Not a problem here! We started off with the “Top Chef” Season One dish of Dave’s Black Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Andrew went on to have the Mascarpone and Green Apple Ravioli, a taste that “blew his mind.” I quite enjoyed my meat, trying the Hoisin and Cider Pork Tenderloin. This dish came with a side of mashed potatoes even my very Southern grandmother would approve of. We finished the meal off with Erika’s Chocolate Addiction (Erika and I would be best friends, I feel), which was dressed with vanilla cream anglaise. I was delighted with the food, and absolutely stuffed!

Best of all, Dave and his staff are some of the hardest-working, most generous people in the city. They came around to every table in the restaurant to check in and see how the evening was progressing. Many patrons wanted pictures with Dave, and he granted each request with a smile. The food had integrity, which rounded the evening off in just the right way. I’m happy to welcome their business into Signature’s family, and I hope each one of you will go and experience an ingenious menu and a lovely dining experience at Crave on 42nd.

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